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Kokonga Lodge is situated on State Highway 87, 90km from Dunedin airport (1.15 hours drive), 90km from Alexandra (1.15 hours drive) and 185km from Queenstown (2 hours drive).

Kokonga Lodge is well positioned on the rail trail at either the beginning, if coming from Middlemarch or the end, if biking/ walking from Clyde. For anyone planning to travel the full 150kms the following information may be useful.

Clyde to Omakau – 37kms
Omakau to Oturehua – 29.5kms
Oturehua to Kokonga – 43.5kms
Kokonga to Middlemarch – 41kms

Or alternatively stay at Kokonga Lodge and do parts of the trail. A pick-up, drop-off service can be provided. The Maniototo region can experience extremes of temperatures and this makes for very distinct seasons.

Summer (December – March) is hot and dry with temperatures between 15 – 30 degrees celsius
Autumn (March – May) is characterised by the magnificent colours of the autumn foliage.
Winter (June – August) brings snow and spectacular hoar frosts in the valleys, temperatures can range from -10 to 15 degrees celsius.
Spring (September – November) heralds new growth, spring flowers and blossoms on the fruit trees.